100 Free Tutorials to learn SAS

100 Free Tutorials to learn SAS

The following links describe a set of free SAS tutorials which help you to learn SAS programming online on your own. It includes tutorials for data exploration and manipulation, predictive modeling and some scenario based examples.
SAS (Statistical analysis system) is one of the most popular software for data analysis. It is widely used for various purposes such as data management, data mining, report writing, statistical analysis, business modeling, applications development and data warehousing. Knowing SAS is an asset in many job markets. It is tagged ‘leader’ in Advanced Analytics Platforms as per Gartner 2015 and 2016 reports.

SAS Tutorial for Beginners The following tutorials are designed for beginners who have no programming background or new to SAS programming language. These tutorials explain how to download and install SAS software and how to get started with SAS.

Free Download and Install SAS Software
Free SAS Access – No Install Required
Getting Started with SAS
What SAS stands for
Reading / Importing Raw Data into SAS
SAS keyboard shortcuts that every analyst must know

SAS Tutorials – Base SAS
These tutorials are designed to cover all the topics of Base SAS certification. It includes explanation of topics on data structures, data management, data analysis and report generation.

Importing Excel Data into SAS
Read Character Variable of Varying Length
Creating or Modifying a Variable
Dropping variables from a data set in SAS
IF-Then-Else Statements
Where Statement and Dataset Options
WHERE vs. IF Statements
How Data Step and PROC SQL Works
Calculate Frequency Distribution with PROC FREQ
Specify a list of variables
Use of WildCard Character
Character Functions
SAS Date Formats and Informats
Date Functions
INTCK Function with Examples
INTNX Function with Examples
Missing Values in SAS
Convert Character Variable to Date
Convert Numeric Variable to Date
Proc Format
Delete empty rows in SAS
First. and Last. Variables
Proc Sort : Identifying and storing unique and duplicate values
Proc Means : A Detailed Explanation
Use of Multiple Set Statements
Joining and Merging in SAS
SAS Many to Many Merge
Combining and Aggregating Data in SAS
Retain Statement
Proc Transpose Explained
Proc Univariate Tutorial
Proc Rank Explained
Calculating Percentiles with SAS
COMPGED Function
SAS Arrays and DO Loops
Proc Tabulate Explained
Length of Numeric Variables
Check number of observations
Pattern Matching with SAS
Send SAS Output to Excel
Handle Variable Name having Spaces
Speed Up SAS Code with Index

SAS Advanced : Proc SQL These tutorials are intended for people who are new to SQL programming language. PROC SQL is an advanced SAS procedure that helps to run SQL queries to manage and manipulate data. These tutorials include Introduction of SQL with examples, PROC SQL Joins, conditional statements and useful tips and tricks of SQL etc.

Proc SQL Tutorial for Beginners (20 Examples)
Proc SQL Joins (Merging)
Combining Tables Vertically with PROC SQL
Insert Rows in the Table
Alter Table and Update Column
Intermediate PROC SQL Tutorial
Proc SQL Self Joins
Connect to Teradata using SAS
Join on Multiple Columns
Join on Multiple Tables
Comparing two tables
Find records only exist in one table
Random Sampling with PROC SQL
Alternative to _N_ in PROC SQL

SAS Advanced : SAS Macros These tutorials provide useful guide for learning SAS Macros. It includes useful tips and tricks of SAS Macro programming and outlines real world examples of SAS Macros.

SAS Macro Programming
Difference between SYMPUT and SYMGET
Multiple Ampersand Macro Variables
CALL EXECUTE made easy
Stop SAS Macro Processing on Error
Count number of variables assigned in a macro variable
Example of a dynamic %DO Loop
Get Variable Names from a Dataset
Run SAS Procedure on Multiple Datasets
Building SAS Macro Library
Dropping Variables Ending with a Specific String
Importing multiple excel files in a single dataset
Importing multiple excel sheets in a single dataset
Imputing Missing Data
Identify and Remove Outliers with SAS
Test for Normal Distribution
Reordering Variables

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