20 Interesting Articles About Excel

20 Interesting Articles About Excel

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20 Interesting Articles About Excel

12 Interesting Articles About Excel 
How to Analyze Big Data with Excel 
Advanced Machine Learning with Basic Excel 
Learn under the hood of Gradient Descent algorithm using Excel 
40 Excel Tricks +
Free Alternatives to Excel for Data Cleaning 
Visualizations: Comparing Tableau, SPSS, R, Excel, Matlab, JS, Python, SAS 
New, fast Excel to process billions of rows via the cloud – (Posted in 2013)
5 Excel Add Ins Every Data Scientist Should Install 
Excel Add-Ins Database: Now At 245 Modules to Put Your Excel On Steroids 
An Excel Tutorial on Analyzing Large Data Sets 
Migrating an Excel Spreadsheet Directly to HDFS and Spark 
Black-box Confidence Intervals: Excel and Perl Implementation 
Jackknife and linear regression in Excel 
Conditional Formatting in Excel 
A use case to read and analyze Excel data in Java 
Introductory Guide To Excel 
100 articles about Data Science with Excel 
Why is Vlookup (in Excel) 1,000 times slower than hash tables in Python? 
Predictive Analytics in Excel – (Posted in 2010)

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