How to choose a great Data Science book

How to choose a great Data Science book

This article was written by Radhouane Aniba. 

How to pick a Data Science book :
Choosing a data science book is one of the important steps to properly learn from the experts in the field. It doesn’t have to be labeled as a data science book as it can relate to one of its many branches.
In this short review, I am going to cover different points that can help you choosing the right data science book that fits your needs. Our needs keep changing with time so by looking at your library either on your bookshelf or on your tablet, you will notice the evolution of your interests and it will feel like you’re looking at an old picture of yourself years ago, it may even bring a little smile on your face.
The important thing here is to make a good decision as to pick a specific book or not because it can be a waste of time to pick the wrong/bad one, financially and also time wise.
Sometimes the outline is exactly what you hope for, you dig deep into details while going through the chapters, and you realize that the author just scratched the surface. This happened to me before and I am writing this post to spare you from doing this in the future.
This is a very quick checklist that will help you choose an interesting book, or at least prioritize properly.

Check the author’s bio
Read the introduction carefully
Favor books with independent chapters
Do you have a bookstore close by ?
Read online reviews 

The full version of this article has the following sections:

Books of interest
Detailed review
Book size / Length (number of pages)
Writing Style
Judging the book by its cover?
Depth of explanation
Code Explanation

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