25 Timeless Data Science Articles

25 Timeless Data Science Articles

This is our third post of a new series featuring articles published long ago. We manually selected articles that were most popular or overlooked, time-insensitive (for instance we eliminated articles about data science products because software packages and platforms have evolved so much over the last few years) and we only kept articles that still make sense and are useful today. Our previous edition can be found here. 
18 Timeless Data Science Articles

Machine Learning in Parallel: Three Algorithms +
Marrying computer science, statistics and domain expertize 
ETL, ELT and Data Hub: Where Hadoop is the right fit ? 
How Many “V’s” in Big Data? The Characteristics that Define Big Data 
Lambda Architecture for Big Data Systems 
Issues with Predicting Churn 
Data Science Dictionary 
Percolator, Dremel and Pregel: Alternatives to Hadoop 
Data Scientist versus Data Architect 
Logistic Regression – Hosmer Lemeshow test 
Sometimes outliers are real data 
Decision tree vs Logistic Regression 
Hourly rates for statistical consultants (2006) 
10 Features all Dashboards Should Have 
How to better compete with other data scientists 
The Data Science Venn Diagram Revisited 
16 analytic disciplines compared to data science 
(R + Python) 
Interesting Data Science Application: Steganography 
A Data Scientist’s Guide to Making Money from Start-Ups 
Huge Trello List of Great Data Science Resources 
Top Languages for analytics, data mining, data science 
Correlation vs. causation 
The Data Science Equation 
Data science versus statistics, to solve problems: case study 

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