Deep Learning Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Deep Learning Cheat Sheet for Beginners

This article was written by  Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville. It consists of summaries, dozens of formulas, and numerous small sections that will help the beginner quickly grasp the essentials of deeplearning. The presentation style is very similar to a cheat sheet

Example of bad data science: over-fitting

Machine Learning
Generalization and Overfitting
Feedforward Networks
Designing the Output Layer
Finding θ
Choosing the Cost Function
Deep Feedforward Networks
Designing Hidden Layers
Optimizaton Methods
Simplifying the Network
Convolution Networks
Recurrent Networks
Useful Data Sets
Representation Learning
Practical Advice
Appendix: Probability

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Link: Deep Learning Cheat Sheet for Beginners