25 Great Articles About SQL and NoSQL

25 Great Articles About SQL and NoSQL

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25 Great Articles About SQL and NoSQL

What pays most: R, Python, or SQL? 
Free Book: SQL Essentials 
46 SQL Job Interview Questions for Data Scientists 
SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted: Easy to Implement, Tough to Crack 
Google Spanner : The Future Of NoSQL 
Ten top noSQL Databases (2015) 
Pig vs Hive vs SQL – Difference between the Big Data Tools 
SQL: optimizing or eliminating joins? 
Programming for Data Science the Polyglot approach: Python + R + SQL 
Hadoop vs. NoSql vs. Sql vs. NewSql By Example 
18 Open Source NoSQL Databases 
Pandasql: Make python speak SQL 
How NoSQL Fundamentally Changed Machine Learning 
SQL to NoSQL translator 
9 Lessons: Picking the Right NoSQL Tools 
Advantages and Disadvantages of NoSQL databases 
List of NoSQL Databases (2014) 
Is knowing SQL helpful for online marketing analytics? 
MUMPS – The Most Important Database You (Probably) Never Heard Of 
Row vs Columnar vs NoSQL Databases 
How to Make the Leap from Excel to SQL 
11 Features any database, SQL or NoSQL, should have 
How to Analyze Data Without SQL Experience 
Comparing MongoDB with MySQL 
NoSQL and RDBMS are on a Collision Course 

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