Machine Learning Guide and Tutorial for Software Engineers

Machine Learning Guide and Tutorial for Software Engineers

This article was written by Nam Vu on GitHub. 
What is it? 
This is my multi-month study plan for going from mobile developer (self-taught, no CS degree) to machine learning engineer.My main goal was to find an approach to studying Machine Learning that is mainly hands-on and abstracts most of the Math for the beginner. This approach is unconventional because it’s the top-down and results-first approach designed for software engineers.
Please, feel free to make any contributions you feel will make it better.

Table of Contents

What is it?
Why use it?
How to use it
Follow me
Don’t feel you aren’t smart enough
About Video Resources
Prerequisite Knowledge
The Daily Plan
Machine learning overview
Machine learning mastery
Machine learning is fun
Inky Machine Learning
Machine learning: an in-depth, non-technical guide
Stories and experiences
Machine Learning Algorithms
Beginner Books
Practical Books
Kaggle knowledge competitions
Video Series
Becoming an Open Source Contributor
Interview Questions
My admired companies

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Link: Machine Learning Guide and Tutorial for Software Engineers