Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors – Part 2

Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors – Part 2

This is a new series, featuring great content from our top contributors. Some of these articles are rather technical in nature, but many are business-oriented and written in simple English. The entire series consists of about 120 articles. We intend to publish a new set every two weeks or so. Click here to check out the previous edition. To read more articles from a same author, read one of his/her articles and click on his/her profile picture to access the full list. Some of these articles are curated or posted as guest blogs.
Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors

Anomaly Detection: Finding a Needle in a Haystack – By Marc Borowczak
Linear, Machine Learning and Probabilistic Approaches for Time Series Analysis – By Bohdan Pavlyshenko  (+)
Deep Learning with TensorFlow in Python – By Sandipan Dey
An overview of gradient descent optimization algorithms – By Sebastian Ruder
Tutorial – foundations of machine learning and data science for developers – By Ajit Jaokar
[Cheat Sheet] Python Basics For Data Science – By Karlijn Willems
Introduction to Outlier Detection Methods – By Shahram Abyari
Our Berkeley Data Science Capstone Project: Rap Analysis – By Tony Abraham
Stata Cheat Sheet – By Tim Essam
How to Analyze Big Data with Excel – By Mirio De Rosa
How to Treat Missing Values in Your Data – By Jacob Joseph
A to Z of Analytics – By Sandeep Raut 
Importance of Hypothesis Testing in Quality Management – By Vinay Babu
Finding Influencers on Twitter – By Oamar Gianan
Data Scientist Skill Set – By Philipp Diesinger
Benchmarking 20 Machine Learning Models Accuracy and Speed – By Marc Borowczak 
Every Data Science Interview Boiled Down To Five Basic Questions – By Roger Huang
Handling imbalanced dataset in supervised learning using family of SMOTE algorithm. – By Rohit Walimbe
How to Use Cohort Data to Analyze User Behavior – By Jacob Joseph
15 Astonishing Tweetable Facts About Analytics – By Bernard Marr 

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