Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors – Part 4

Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors – Part 4

This is a new series, featuring great content from our top contributors. Some of these articles are rather technical in nature, but many are business-oriented and written in simple English. The entire series consists of about 120 articles. We intend to publish a new set every two weeks or so. Click here to check out the previous edition. To read more articles from a same author, read one of his/her articles and click on his/her profile picture to access the full list. Some of these articles are curated or posted as guest blogs.
Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors

Difference Between Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Software Engineers – According To LinkedIn – By Ryan Swanstrom +
Top 10: Data Science and Machine Learning Articles in July – By Mike Tamir
Want to know how to choose Machine Learning algorithm? – By Sandeep Raut
Math or Engineers — who will solve the big data problem? – By Charlie Silver
Introduction to Anomaly Detection – By Pramit Choudhary 
Response Modeling using Machine Learning Techniques in R – By Ariful Mondal
Detecting Money Laundering with Unsupervised ML – By Arshak Navruzyan
Key Machine Learning PreReq: Viewing Linear Algebra through the right lenses – By Ashwin Rao
Common Probability Distributions: The Data Scientist’s Crib Sheet – By Sean Owen
Twelve types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) problems – By Ajit Jaokar
Career Advice for Students from 2017 Data Science Leaders – By Andrew Smith 
The Mathematics of Machine Learning – By Wale Akinfaderin
Human Brain vs Machine Learning – A Lost Battle? – By Danny Portman
How Bayesian Inference Works – By Brando Rohrer
The 10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need to Know – By James Le
From data to information to insights: the power of strategic thinking – By Mirio De Rosa
Making data science accessible – MapReduce – By Sam Bennett
Write Code to Rewrite Your Code: jscodeshift – By Jeremy Greer
SVM in Practice – By Renata Ghisloti Duarte de Souza

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