Best DSC Forum Questions – Part 8

Best DSC Forum Questions – Part 8

This is a new series, featuring forum questions (new and old) that are still popular today. These questions were selected manually based on popularity, removing outdated material. The entire series consists of about 160 questions — most with answers, sometimes several answers. We intend to publish a new set every two weeks or so. The previous edition was posted here.  
Best DSC Forum Questions – Part 7

How to develop churn prediction model for telecom company? 
Being a Data Science Contractor – UK: How to find work? 
SQL: optimizing or eliminating joins? 
Techniques to address very low event rate for Logistic Regression Model 
Defeating Email Monitoring Algorithms 
Which optimization solver to choose? 
How and why to “Talk” to Google’s Attribution Algorithm 
Implemetation of 17 classification algorithms in R 
How to win a Kaggle competition 
What are the SAS procedures that you use most in your daily work? 
Challenge: Representation of Numbers as Infinite Products 
Tutorial Slides by Andrew Moore, computer scientist at Google, ex-CMU professor 
Cluster analysis with categorical variables ? 
SQL to NoSQL translator +
Curious formula generating all digits of square root numbers 
Credit card number and password encoder / decoder 
Training: Intro to Data Science 
Programming Languages widely used in Data Science and Machine Learning ? 

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