Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors – Part 7

Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors – Part 7

This is a new series, featuring great content from our top contributors. Some of these articles are rather technical in nature, but many are business-oriented and written in simple English. The entire series consists of about 120 articles. We intend to publish a new set every two weeks or so. Click here to check out the previous edition. To read more articles from a same author, read one of his/her articles and click on his/her profile picture to access the full list. Some of these articles are curated or posted as guest blogs.
Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors

An Introduction to Variable and Feature Selection – By André Elisseeff and Isabelle Guyon 
How To Create A 360-Degree Customer View Using Data – By Mark Ross-Smith 
Data Science Summer Reading List 2016 – By Michael Walker 
Feature Engineering: Data scientist’s Secret Sauce ! – By Ashish Kumar
What Types of Questions Can Data Science Answer? – By Brandon Rohrer
Stacking models for improved predictions: A case study for housing prices – By Burak Himmetoglu +
Two New Data Science Books – By Zacharias Voulgaris
The Perceptron Algorithm explained with Python code – By Ahmet Taspinar
Dark Data: The billion dollar opportunity – By Mark Ross-Smith 
Non-traditional strategies for mid-career switch to #Datascience and #AI – By Ajit Jaokar
A Guide for Applying Machine Learning Techniques in Finance – By Zhongmin Luo 
Implementation of 17 classification algorithms in R – By Suraj V Vidyadaran
Data Science for Internet of Things methodology – Evolving CRISP-DM – Part One – By Jean-Jacques Bernard and Ajit Jaokar
12 Algorithms Every Data Scientist Should Know – By Mark van Rijmenam
The data science ecosystem: R vs Python vs Substitutes – By Archisman Majumdar
When Does Deep Learning Work Better Than SVMs or Random Forests? – By Sebastian Raschka
7 Ways to Perplex a Data Scientist – By Brian Lee Yung Rowe
Search for the fastest Deep Learning Framework supported by Keras – By Jasmeet Bhatia
Data Mining for Predictive Social Network Analysis – By Elder Santos
Key tools of Big Data for Transformation: Review & Case Study – By Syed Danish Ali

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