Weekly Digest, March 5

Weekly Digest, March 5

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here.  The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.
Featured Resources and Technical Contributions

‘Kindof’ Big Data in R
5 Pro-Tips For Data Scientists To Write Good Code
Using Neural Networks for sales prospecting
List of Must – Read Free Data Science Books
Sample Projects for Data Scientists in Training 
Free Guide: Interpretable Machine Learning 
Which Programming Language to Choose? 
Implementing Lucas-Kanade Optical Flow algorithm in Python +
Graph-Based Image Segmentation in Python

Forum Questions

Question: Work process with huge geospatial datasets? 
Question: Survey analysis 
Question: Is it better to overpredict, or underpredict? 
Question: Role of Statistics in Theoretical Data Science?
Question: Career in Data science field

Featured Articles

5 Best Practices for Email Data Analysis
Technology has to follow your data strategy
Blockchain – The Strong Backbone for Businesses
A complete guide to Raspberry Pi
Intelligent Systems Vs. AI: How To Help Your Clients
Advanced Analytics Platforms – Big Changes in the Leaderboard 
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting: Novel Business Perspectives 
When Aggregates Fail
Narrowband IoT – Market Trends
The Future & Innovations of AI In Manufacturing Market

Picture of the Week

Source for picture: contribution marked with a +

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