Showcase your Data Science Expertise, and Learn New Tricks from Pros

Showcase your Data Science Expertise, and Learn New Tricks from Pros

Share your knowledge with other professionals, be respected as an expert in the leading community for data science, stats, BI, operations research, and machine learning practitioners. Or find answers to your business, technical, or career questions. We have thousands of questions posted in our forum section, covering all topics, and usually related to applications: You can reply, contact the authors, post a comment, or ask a new question.
Lists of 160 popular questions (with numerous answers) are accessible here. While you need to be a member to join the conversations (sign up here), the content is accessible here to non-members as well, increasing the visibility for active participants. Some answers have been viewed more than 10,000 times. Some participants have found a new job after posting insightful answers.

Sample forum questions 
Career Related 

ML Math Skills
Are you smart enough to work at Google?
What tools can make data scientists more productive?
Transition between developer and data scientist
Does it really matter from which college you graduated
Which courses should I Take?
Being a Data Science Contractor – UK: How to find work?
Master’s Program Resume
Research Problem for PhD Student
What pays most: R, Python, or SQL?

General and Business

Which classifier has the best performance?
Java versus Python
Best method for revenue and sales forecasting
Which one is best: R, SAS or Python, for data science?
Is Python or Perl faster than R?
What is Map-Reduce?
Two very cool maps: how were they produced?
Machine Learning Algorithm to Trade Bitcoin
8 Types of Data
What are the differences between prediction, extrapolation, and interpolation?
More Free Data Sets
27 criteria to choose analytic tools
Is it better to overpredict, or underpredict?
What are some Data Scientist KPI’s?
Correlation vs. causation
What is the difference between statistical computing and data mining?
Regression Trees – What is the best reference?
Attribution Modeling vs Market Mix Modeling
How are hotel room rates determined


40-year old trick to clean data efficiently – and perform fuzzy matching
High Precision Computing in Python or R
K Means Clustering – Effect of random seed
Anomaly detection in Time Series Data – Help Required
Regression Analysis
Python (and R) for Data Science – sample code, libraries, projects, tutorials
1.5 TB dataset of anonymized user interactions released by Yahoo
Correlation Coefficient in Flat Line Model
Constraint in a Linear Regression Algorithm
Time series comparison
Too many variables for a simple linear computation
Addressing very low event rate for Logistic Regression
Generalized Coefficient of Correlation for Non-Linear Relationships
Handling Imbalanced data when building regression models
How do I forecast a timeseries of data using GARCH(1,1)?
Oversampling/Undersampling in Logistic Regression
Discriminant Analysis on Categorical Variables
Cluster analysis with categorical variables ?
Linearity assumption in Linear Regression
Outlier detection using cluster analysis
Clustering idea for very large datasets

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