Weekly Digest, May 21

Weekly Digest, May 21

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here.  The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.
Featured Resources and Technical Contributions

New Book: Principles of Database Management 
Competition: Explaining black box machine learning models 
Frequencies in Pandas – and a Little R Magic for Python
Demystifying Black-Box Models with SHAP Value Analysis
The Best of Both Worlds: Logistic Regression Combined with Decision Trees 
Which Data Science Techniques Should I Introduce to my Team Members? 
Bill Vorhies Retrospective: Part 1 
Demystifying AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning +
Simple Tips for PostgreSQL Query Optimization
7 Reasons Why Java Developers Should Learn Hadoop

Featured Articles

Why is Data Missing from the Balance Sheet?
Everybody (Still) Loves a Data Scientist 
From Machine Learning to Machine Unlearning 
Data Science for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Six Core Aspects of Semantic AI
Top 7 Data Science Use Cases in Finance
GDPR and Internet Security: are they Incompatible? 
AI: Miniaturization of Robots 
How AI Has Influenced E-Commerce – The Retailer’s Story
Will Google or Facebook data lead to a good result or bad? 
What is Bitcoin?

Picture of the Week

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