Free Book: Introduction to Statistics

Free Book: Introduction to Statistics

Online Statistics Education: A Multimedia Course of Study.  Project Leader: David M. Lane, Rice University.

Graphing Distributions
Summarizing Distributions
Describing Bivariate Data
Research Design
Normal Distributions
Advanced Graphs
Sampling Distributions
Logic of Hypothesis Testing
Testing Means
Chi Square
Distribution Free Tests
Effect Size
Case Studies

Guess what the correlation is: see here
The (free) PDF version (660 pages) is available here.The online book also features various calculators (Gaussian distributions etc.) as well as the following simulations:

Introduction: Sampling, Measurement
Graphing Distributions: Box Plot
Summarizing Distributions: Balance Scale, Absolute Difference, Squared Differences, Mean and Median,Variability Demo, Estimating Variance , Comparing Distributions
Describing Bivariate Data: Guessing Correlations, Restriction of Range
Probability: Conditional Probability, Gamblers Fallacy, Birthday, Binomial, Bayes’ Theorem, Monty Hall Problem
Normal Distributions: Varieties of Normal Distributions, Normal Approximation
Sampling Distributions: Basic Demo, Sample Size Demo, Sampling Distributions, Central Limit Theorem
Estimation: Confidence Interval
Logic of Hypothesis Testing (none): Testing Means, t Distribution, Robustness , Correlated t Test
Power: Power 1, Power 2
Prediction: Linear Fit ANOVA: One-Way, Power of Within-Subjects Designs
Chi Square: 2 x 2 Table,  Testing Distributions

This resource is accessible here.
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Link: Free Book: Introduction to Statistics