Weekly Digest, September 17

Weekly Digest, September 17

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.
Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

How to use IoT datasets in AI applications (full stack) 
Career Transition Towards Data Science – Making a Learning Sabbatical
New Perspective on the Central Limit Theorem and Statistical Testing (Updated) +
Understanding Neural Networks – From neuron to RNN, CNN, and Deep Learning
A Little College Sports Analysis, Part III. 
Developers’ outlook on modern AI in 2018 
Question: Incidental Homogeneity 
MATLAB toolbox on regime switching copula estimation and simulation 
Restoring limb motion with simple linear model 

Featured Articles

Landing a $150k Data Scientist job – Seven things you need to know
Analytics Translator – The Most Important New Role in Analytics 
Hiring and Retaining Scarse Analytics Talent 
Machine Learning for CEOs 
Embracing Conflict to Fuel Digital Innovation 
Visual Analytics: Why & How – A light introduction 
Healthcare Analytics: Build-Versus-Buy Quandary A Hurdle 
Designing Data-oriented Processes 
Another Analysis of Punting on 4th Down 
VR is not only for Gaming Industry 

Picture of the Week

Source for picture: contribution marked with a + 
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