Weekly Digest, December 10

Weekly Digest, December 10

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Some Irresistible Integrals, Computed Using Statistical Concepts +
Relationships, Geometry, and Artificial Intelligence 
Deep learning in satellite imagery 
Speedup your Machine Learning applications without changing your code 
5 Minute Analysis: Underutilized Kaggle Data 
ML Methods for Prediction and Personalization 
How To Become A Successful R Programmer? 
Visualization Tools to Help Harness the Power of Big Data 
Question: Increasing Accuracy of Training Data 

Featured Articles

Interpreting Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) 
2019 Big Data and Data Science Predictions – Through the Lens of Comedy Movies
Why I Am Writing At Data Science Central, And Why You Should, Too 
Can AI Make B2B Sales Better? 
Inverted yield curve followed by 800-point plunge in Dow – how about inverted CDS curves? 
System Modeling: Understanding Logical and Physical Architecture 
Data Enrichment: More Data is Often the Easiest Way 
Top Soft and Technical Skills to Be a Successful Data Scientist 

Picture of the Week

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