Weekly Digest, December 3

Weekly Digest, December 3

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Python Multi-Threading vs Multi-Processing 
21 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 4 
Grouping Points: Drawing polygons around groups of points in ggplot 
Applying Machine Learning Techniques in Quantitative Finance +
What Is Your Favorite Python Library For Visualizing Geospatial Data? 
The Word2Vec Algorithm 
Question: Statistics Cheatsheets 
Question: 1099 C2C contracts for Data Scientists? 

Featured Articles

Updated: Difference Between Business Intelligence and Data Science 
The Two (Conflicting) Definitions of AI 
The Startup Founder’s Guide to Analytics 
Why is Eye-Tracking really important for Market Research? 
Using Hypothesis Development Canvas to Predict Golden State Warrior Victories 
97% of Countries Have Open Data – But is That the Whole Story? 
Data Analytics. AI. ML. What’s the Difference? 
True Automation: A Data Scientist’s Perspective 
Big Data In Real Estate Industry 
Big Data Visualization: How AR and VR Is Transforming Data Interpretation 

Picture of the Week

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