Weekly Digest, January 14

Weekly Digest, January 14

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

26 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 6 
The Math Required for Machine Learning 
Deep Learning is picking momentum in Quantitative Finance 
Book: Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel 
Kicking Chicago with R 
New Similarity Methods for Unsupervised Learning 
How to Learn Python in 30 days 
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5 reasons why graph visualization matters 
The Ultimate R Cheat Sheet – Major Upgrade 
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Featured Articles and Forum Questions

State of Data Science & Machine Learning in 2018 
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Can AI Algorithms be Fooled? 
AI and Creating Smart Products from “The Incredibles” 
Driving the Future of Business Intelligence: AI 
Data Science report reveals a confident market for 2019 
Question: Connecting OLAP Cube data to Python editor 
Question: Transfer learning,incremental learning and contentious learning 
Question: Machine Learning – Reviews System 

Picture of the Week

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