Weekly Digest, January 21

Weekly Digest, January 21

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Your Guide to Natural Language Processing (NLP) 
Stocks, Significance Testing & p-Hacking: How volatile is volatile?
The Mathematics of Data Science – Understanding the foundations of Deep Learning through Linear Regression
Tableau in 10 Minutes: Step-by-Step Guide 
Pancake: A Python package for model stacking 
900 Most Popular DS & ML Articles in 2018 
Measuring Holiday Spirit with Pivot Billions and R 
Journey to the Center of the DrugBank XML Database 
How I used NLP (Spacy) to screen Data Science Resumes 
Question: Visualisation of training and test error 

Featured Articles and Forum Questions

How Do You Win the Data Science Wars? You Cheat By Doing The Necessary Pre-work +
Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning…Whats the Big Deal? 
Exploit the Economics of AI with Design Thinking and Data Science 
The AI/ML Opportunity Landscape in Healthcare 
3 Ways How AI Will Augment the Human Workforce 
Five Latest Machine Learning eBooks 
19 Controversial Articles about Data Science 
Graph Theory: Six Degree of Separation (revisited) 
Demystifying the Term Actionable Insights in Analytics 
IBM i2 and Big Data 
The 10 years challenge:What are the data science opportunities?

Picture of the Week

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