Weekly Digest, January 7

Weekly Digest, January 7

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Comparison of the Text Distance Metrics +
Sentiment Analysis of Airline Tweets 
High Density Region Estimation with KernelML 
Free Hosted Dashboards in IBM Watson Studio 
Twitter Sentiment Analysis Applied to Customer Loyalty Prediction 
What is a Generative Adversarial Network? 
Updated ggmap Tutorial 
1 Rule Prediction 
How we used spaCy and Hunspell to handle typos in an AI chatbot 

Featured Articles

Design Thinking Humanizes Data Science 
AI / Machine learning Cloud APIs: AWS – Azure – GCP – our experience
The Future of Innovation Analytics 
How to Capture Data to Make Business Impact 
Bringing Big Artificial Intelligence to Life 
Artificial Intelligence and Art 
No Hope for 6-Degrees of Separation 
Top 9 Data Science Use Cases in Media and Entertainment 
5 Risks that Must be Addressed by Businesses and Government – Using AI
How Data Science Drives Impact Across Business 

Picture of the Week

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