Weekly Digest, February 11

Weekly Digest, February 11

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

20 Handbooks on Modern Statistical Methods 
Probability Cheat Sheet – Harvard University
Gambler’s Ruin simulations 
Intro to Robotic Process Automation 
A Blast from Python Past – Part 2 
Exploring San Francisco Crime Data with Tableau 
From Infinite Matrices to New Integration Formula 
Question: Measuring Audience Overlap 
Question: How does hive insert into with select work at memory and storage level 
Question: DASCA Certifications 

Featured Articles and Forum Questions

Unexpected Use of AI: Solving Complex Mathematical Problems – Will Mathematicians Become Obsolete?
On Being a Female Data Scientist 
Infographic: The Typical Data Scientist Profile in 2019 +
Advanced Analytic Platforms – Incumbents Fall – Challengers Rise 
Deep Learning Enhanced Trading Models with PivotBillions 
Debunking Forbes Article about the Death of the Data Scientist 
Top 10 Data Science Use cases in Telecom 
Traditional AI vs Machine Learning with Data Labeling 
Evolution of Chatbots & their Performance 
Survey: Use of process models in Data Mining 

Picture of the Week

Source for picture: contribution marked with a + 
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