Weekly Digest, February 4

Weekly Digest, February 4

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Alternatives to Logistic Regression 
Learn ML Coding Basics in a weekend – a new approach to coding for AI
31 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 8 
3 Types of Regression in One Picture +
A Blast from Python Past 
Tutorial: Classification and Regression Trees 
Universal Method to Sort Complex Information Found 
Transactional Analytics: Customer Life time Value v/s Acquisition Cost 
Taming 1.5 Billion Rows of “Big Apple” Data 
Degrees of Freedom and Sudoku 

Featured Articles and Forum Questions

Reinforcement Learning: Coming to a Home Called Yours! 
DevOps for Machine Learning and AI 
The Challenges to Tackle Before You Start With AI 
Top 3 AI use cases in Agriculture to impact yield outcomes 
One Shot Learning and Other Strategies for Reducing Training Data 
Creating a Great Information Dashboard 
Question: Logo Detection 
Question: Face Recogniser 
Question: Data Acquisition 
Question: Feedback Needed about my Forecasting Platform 

Picture of the Week

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