Data Science Central Thursday Digest, March 21

Data Science Central Thursday Digest, March 21

You will find here our selection of featured articles and resources posted since Monday. 
Resources and Tutorials

Fascinating New Results in the Theory of Randomness +
Determining Sample Size in One Picture 
Training for Context: The Importance of Word2Vec 
March Madness, KenPom and Python/Pandas. 
10 Open Datasets for Deep Learning Every Data Scientist Must Work With 
Visualizing Gender Discrepancies in Hi-Tech, Engineering, and Science 
Bias Variance Trade Off 


Can we fix Smart City deployments using AI, Cloud and Video? 
Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Really AI? 
Using Data Science and Google Cloud to Win March Madness… 
Summary from Gartner Data & Analytics Summit London 2019 
How Salesforce Lightning can Empower Your Business 
Top 8 Data Science Use Cases in Manufacturing 
Can Lack of Data Always Provide Valuable Insights? 

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Other DSC Resources

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Fascinating New Results in the Theory of Randomness
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