Data Science Central Weekly Digest, April 15

Data Science Central Weekly Digest, April 15

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

AI-Generated Rap Songs +
Bayes Theorem in One Picture 
Data analysis and visualization in Perl 
Calculating Exclusion Limits for a New Theory in Hardcore Science 
Cross-Validation: Concept and Example in R 
What is Web Scraping and How to Implement it using Python? 
8 Tips to Build an Interactive Chatbot 
9 Career Opportunities you can get after Data Science Training 
Prerequisites to become a data scientist in 2019 

Featured Articles and Forum Questions

Real-World Data Science Challenge – When Is “Good Enough” Actually “Good Enough”
New Stock Trading and Lottery Game Rooted in Deep Math 
Can AI detect emotions better than humans? 
AI/ML Lessons for Creating a Platform Strategy – Part 1 
Question: How did your company choose a BI tool? 
Astonishing Hierarchy of Machine Learning Needs 
Five Industries Where Blockchain Has Innovated Beyond Cryptocurrency 
Design Obstacles that Contribute to Job Security 
IoT and Smart Classes 

Picture of the Week

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