Data Science Central Monday Digest, May 20

Data Science Central Monday Digest, May 20

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

A Beautiful Result in Probability Theory 
Free Book: Classification and Regression In a Weekend 
Confidence Intervals in One Picture 
Quantum Simulator Qubiter now has a native TensorFlow backend 
Free eBook: Graph Algorithms: Practical Examples in Apache Spark and Neo4j 
New book: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms for Big Data Applications 
Multivariate Outlier Detection 
29 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 12
Serving with the PyTorch model – Flask 
Question: Unrelated dimensions with common target value 

Featured Articles and Forum Questions

Importance of Thinking Differently…Hint: Don’t Pave the Cow Path 
How to Make ML Engineers 5x More Efficient 
Telecom Customer Analytics 
A Telecom Data Science Project from Data Gathering to Model Selection +
Utilizing AI Potential in Financial Services & Insurance Sectors 
Where AI/ML Creates Value in Consumer Goods & Retail 
Understanding Cross Validation across the Data Science pipeline 
Digital Supply Chain: Connecting the Dots of Design to Operate SCM Processes 
Advanced big data algorithms 
How to save over $200k on your next machine learning project 
The Future of Investment Banking 

Picture of the Week

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