Weekly Digest, May 13

Weekly Digest, May 13

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Logistic regression as a neural network 
Confidence Intervals Without Pain, With Excel (Updated) +
The Lifecycle of Data 
Deep learning: the final frontier for signal processing and time series analysis? 
Nowcasting Chicago Crime with Python-Pandas, and R 
Data Science Learning Path For Complete Beginners 
Making maps to visualize census data 
The Upcoming Revolution in Predictive Analytics 
Why using esproc for data wrangling? 
Question: Career advice for experienced MBA with marketing analytics focus 

Featured Articles and Forum Questions

Smart Manufacturing and What It Means to Win the 1% Race 
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Deep Learning: An Overview 
Where Do We Stand With GANs? 
3 Types of Machine Learning in AI 
The story of Big Data, Data Science & Data Mining 
13 Applied AI & IoT Use Cases in Retail Industry 
How Apache Spark can Boost Your Value? 
Next Phase of AI – Chatbots for Medical Learning 
Data Standardization: The Core building block for Data Quality

Picture of the Week

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