Data Science Central Monday Digest, July 1

Data Science Central Monday Digest, July 1

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Online Encyclopedia of Statistical Science (Free) 
Model evaluation techniques in one picture +
Bayesian Machine Learning 
A Comprehensive Guide to Data Science With Python 
Recognizing Animals in Photos – Building an AI model for Object Recognition
Running Peta-Scale Spark Jobs on Object Storage Using S3 Selec 
29 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 16 
Writing/Reading Large R dataframes/datatables 
Power Regression: New Least Square Method 
Question: Spatio-temporal clustering ? 
How to Build an NLP Engine that Won’t Screw Up 
How To build an app like Uber 

Featured Articles

The Importance of Community in Data Science 
Design Thinking: Is it a Floor Wax or a Dessert Topping? 
Big Data Transformation in the age of IOT 
Digital Transformation and the AI Advantage 
The Catch 22 problem holding back #AI application adoption  … 
Four Powerful People Skills For Data Scientists 
What Business Really Wants from AI – The Future of AI Platforms 
Testing traditional Software vs. ML application 
How to Monetize the Sports Digital Transformation 
Top 8 Data Science Use Cases in Construction 
Face Recognition is the future Revolution 
How Data Masking is Driving Power to Organizations? 
What is NLP & How Does it Benefit a Business? 

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