Data Science Central Monday Digest, June 10

Data Science Central Monday Digest, June 10

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

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Machine Learning and Data Science Cheat Sheet 
Top 10 Neural Network Architectures 
Lecture Notes by Andrew Ng : Full Set 
Statistical Framework for the classification of ordinal categorical data 
NLP vs. NLU: from Understanding a Language to Its Processing 
7 Simple Tricks to Handle Complex Machine Learning Issues 
Simple Trick to Normalize Correlations, R-squared, and so on 
Question: What is Data Mapping? 
How to Make Machine Learning Models for Beginners 

Featured Articles

What is DataOps and Why It’s Critical to the Data Monetization Value Chain +
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Discrimination, Data Science and a Call to Action 
Unleashing AI in Government Services and Operations 
The Call for a New Device for Data Scientists 
Questions To Answer And Factors To Consider For Web Analytics 
Why Every Hadoop Professional Needs Data Science Skills? 

Picture of the Week

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