Data Science Central Monday Digest, June 24

Data Science Central Monday Digest, June 24

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Free Book: Statistics: New Foundations, Toolbox, and ML Recipes 
30 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 15 
Python Software for Clustering 
Deep learning Data Sets for Every Data Scientist 
The Divergence Index: A new polarization measure for ordinal categorical variables
Comparing Classifiers: Decision Trees, K-NN & Naive Bayes 
Unsupervised, k-means Clustering and Bootstrapping 
Bayesian Machine Learning 
Time Series Forecasting with RNNs 
Question: Neural Network for Error Prediction of a Physics Model? 
Forecasting with Lead Regression 

Featured Articles

AI Business Transformation Playbook for Executives 
Big Data Architecture in Data Processing and Data Access + 
Can design sprints work for Artificial Intelligence applications? 
Automated Machine Learning (AML) Comes of Age – Almost 
Disposable Technology: A Concept Whose Time Has Come 
Oil & Gas and IoT: The Trio That Takes the Modern Society to a New Level 
Delivering Enterprise Analytics 
Why Beauty Industry is Betting Big On Chatbot Technology 
Machine Learning: Association Rule Mining 
Learning AI for Product Managers 
Deep Knowledge: Next Step After Deep Learning 

Picture of the Week

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