Free Book: Azure Machine Learning in a Weekend

Free Book: Azure Machine Learning in a Weekend

By Ajit Jaokar and Ayse Mutlu. 
Exclusively for Data Science Central members, with free access. You can download this book (PDF) here. 
This tutorial is the second book in the ‘in a weekend’ series – after Classification and Regression in a weekend. The idea of the ‘in a weekend’ series of books is to study one complex section of code in a weekend to master the concept. Cloud computing changes the development paradigm. Specifically, it combines development and deployment (the DevOps approach). In complex environments, the developer has to know more than the coding. Rather, she has to be familiar with both the data engineering and the DevOps. This book helps you to get started with coding a complex AI application for the Cloud(Azure).

1. Introduction 4
2. The problem we solve: Azure ML SDK – Fashion MNIST 4

What you will learn 
Community for the book 
The community link for the book is HERE. We welcome your comments in the community 
Pre-requisites – What you need to know 
Caution in using the Cloud – Deleting resources 
Cloud – Glossary 

3. Code 9

Flow Diagrams 
Code and links to code 
Local implementation 

4. Azure Machine Learning concepts – an Introduction 27

Sequence of flow 
Concepts of Azure Machine Learning – an overview 
STEPS for Training 
STEPS for deployment 

5. Training and Deployment – extended discussion 32

What is a Virtual Machine? 
What is Azure Machine Learning SDK? 
What is Workspace? 
What is a resource group? 
What is Experiment in Azure? 
What is a Compute Target? 
Submit machine learning experiment to the cloud 
Training script 
Creating Estimator 

6. Deploying model to the cloud 40

Load workspace and download registered model
Create a script
Create a bespoke environment to run your model in

7. Additional topics 43

Setup a Container service to host your model 
How the Azure Machine Learning service works: Architecture and concepts 

Conclusion 50
Appendix – setting up Azure and running a basic MNIST model 50
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Link: Free Book: Azure Machine Learning in a Weekend