Data Science Central Monday Digest, July 15

Data Science Central Monday Digest, July 15

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Comparing Model Evaluation Techniques Part 1: Statistical Tools & Tests 
How to build your own Neural Network from scratch in Python 
New MOOC on Coursera: Data Science for non-IT Professionals 
Google Machine Learning Glossary 
Summarizing Economic Bulletin Documents with TF-IDF 
Co-integration and Structural Breaks Time Series Analysis using R 
Deploying Python application using Docker and AWS 
28 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 18 
Ten Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know 

Forum Questions

Question: Analyzing spatial data stored in a non-traditional format 
Question: Testing my C++ CNN framework 
Question: Python Data Lake Integration 
Question: Relevance of Python in ML 
Logistic Regression using Neural Network and Prediction 

Featured Articles

Privacy and AI – How Much Should We Really Care 
Enter the Era of Terabyte Memory 
State of AI 2019 Report 
Scaling Innovation: Whiteboards versus Maps +
Machine Learning in Agriculture: Applications and Techniques 
Preparing for Data Scientist interviews 
Major Factors Keeping Facial Recognition from Mass Adoption 
Constructing Role Objects and Interpreting Role Conflicts Through the Lens of Stress 

Picture of the Week

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