Data Science Central Monday Digest, July 8

Data Science Central Monday Digest, July 8

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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

How the Mathematics of Fractals Can Help Predict Stock Markets Shifts +
Writing/Reading Large R dataframes/data.tables — Addendum 
Predicting Hotel Cancellations with Support Vector Machines and SARIMA 
Lightweight but effective way of documenting a group of Jupyter Notebooks 
How to Create a Churn Model with Microsoft Azure ML Studio 
Multilevel Modelling of U.S. Home Loan Data 
Fine grained analysis of K- mean clustering and where we are using it 
39 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 17 
Open-source Logistic Regression for accelerated Machine Learning 
Question: New to Data Science 
Question: Haven 1.2 for R3.4.3 
Question: Automated data quality checks 

Featured Articles

Where’s the Love – Trends in Data Science Career Opportunities 
Data Quality Case Studies – Saving Money Thanks to Data Validation
Top 10 Data Science Use Cases in Energy and Utilities 
How Retailers Use AI to Innovate Customer Experience 
Workload Optimized Compute Servers and Converged Clusters 
New Book: Data Science for Healthcare – Methodologies and Applications 
How To Choose An NLP Vendor For Your Organization 
When Your Boss Is an Algorithm 
How Data Science is Playing a Big Role in Higher Education? 
Role Conflicts and Deviant Behaviours 
How Long Does It Take to Learn Python for Data Science? 

Picture of the Week

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