Weekly Digest, August 12

Weekly Digest, August 12

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Accelerate Analytics Projects with Data Prep on AWS – Upcoming DSC Webinar, Aug 15
How to better manage your data science team’s workflow – Upcoming Webinar, Aug 14
MLOps NYC conference – Sep 24

Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

Neural Networks:  Is Meta-learning the New Black? 
The tools you should know for the Machine Learning projects 
Using Python and R to Load Relational Database Tables, Part II 
Machine Learning in Hospitals: Easing Wait Times in the ER 
Breaking the HDFS Performance Barrier 
Tensorflow 2.0 coding workshop notebooks 
Diabetes Prediction with Ensemble Techniques +
R-CNN, Fast R-CNN, Faster R-CNN, YOLO – Object Detection Algorithms
Detecting Bias with SHAP 
Question: Minimum performance of a predictive model 
Question: Use cases for webcam quality check in factory lab 

Featured Articles

Value Engineering: The Secret Sauce for Data Science Success 
Automated Machine Learning for Professionals – Updated 
Data Scientist, Business & IT – Importance to have everyone on the same page
The Power of Machine Learning Models 
Popular data warehouse architectures 
50 Successful Blockchains Applications 
Introduction to Machine Learning 
Can Data Analytics Really Deliver 1300% ROI? 
3 Ways data visualization will advance and impact users 
Data-science-related careers and what it takes to succeed 

Picture of the Week

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