Weekly Digest, August 26

Weekly Digest, August 26

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Develop e-Commerce Prototypes using ML – Upcoming Webinar
Oreilly AI conference, San Jose, Sep 9-12

Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

A Strange Family of Statistical Distributions +
Descriptive vs. Inferential Statistics in One Picture 
Three-way data splits for model selection and performance estimation 
Julia vs R: Freeing the data scientist from the curse of vectoRization 
Neural Machine Translation With Attention Mechanism 
Question: Best practice during Data preparation 
Question: Resources from ETL 
Question: Analytics Platform 
Question: Integrating External Data 

Featured Articles

Untapped Economic Assets? How to Monetize Your Dark Data 
Tech Talk: Is Keras the Perfect Deep Learning Library in Python? 
What is AI: explaining it from different dimensions 
The problem with Cambridge Analytica is not (just) the privacy breach 
Different Ways to Incorporate Data in Business Strategy for Security 
Successful Data Science Projects: A Sales Person’s Perspective 
7 Facts That Nobody Told You About Artificial Intelligence 
Cloud Digital Asset Management and its Benefits 
Remarkable Applications of Data Science 

Picture of the Week

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