Welcome to DeepMarketing. DeepMarketing is aimed to be a helpful resource for Marketers and Product Managers who want to stay ahead of their competition. My name is Martin Stein, and I am helping startups and established companies leverage a new organizational paradigm: building aligned product and marketing teams on the bases of data and deep market intelligence. As your competition is making smart decisions, you need to align in order to win.

My goal is to layout data-driven concepts and strategies that will help you understand your customers, your market, and your competition to create winning products and accelerate your growth. As Marketers are forced to prove their value and eliminate client doubts, Product Managers need to achieve instant product-market-fit. I believe that both professions have the same needs: A deep understanding of their market and forces at play. Both teams need to be deeply aligned.

Creating Aligned Teams with Deep Marketing

If you are the only one (or only team) with market knowledge, you are exposing your business to additional risks. Founders, especially in the early days of their enterprise – when they make most if not all of the business decisions – are subject to blind spots. Blind spots can represent a lack of vital market information that could affect your business success.

It’s a mistake for Founders, Marketers, and Product Managers alike to believe they are the only “owners” of such knowledge. Ideas need to be validated across teams and put to the test before a company makes any significant investments. Only when product managers and marketers examine the validity of new key features, products, or go-to-market strategies together, they will start trusting their decisions and start supporting each other instead of fighting for ownership.

The best tool for validating ideas in fast-moving organizations is collaboration across teams. Data should be the only currency for making decisions – not your team’s function or your job title.

What data do you need, and how do you validate your ideas? Stay tuned, I will cover data-driven decision making and deep marketing practice in upcoming blog posts on

About Martin Stein
Martin Stein - Founder
Martin Stein – Founder

Martin is a change agent and business leader with a successful track record of driving sustainable growth. He is a Constellation SuperNova Award Winner 2018. Recognized in Digital Marketing Transformation and Sales Effectiveness Category for Disruptive Technology Leadership: AI-driven Call Scoring for Marketing Channel Attribution.

Martin Stein serves as Board Member, C-Level Executive and subject matter expert in a variety of industries (Marketing, Finance, Real Estate, and Media). He is a former MACup Editor-in-Chief, Macworld Germany, and CreativeLive Editor-in-Chief and a founder (early and late stage) of various startups.

Currently, Martin works as the Chief Analytics Officer for G5 in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Martin holds a M.S. form the University of Stuttgart in Political Science and Sociology with a focus on Organizational Sociology, Network Theory, Statistics, and Empirical Research.

You can reach him at