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Best DSC Forum Questions – Part 6

Best DSC Forum Questions – Part 6

This is a new series, featuring forum questions (new and old) that are still popular today. These questions were selected manually based on popularity, removing outdated material. The entire series consists of about 160 questions — most with answers, sometimes several answers. We intend to publish a new set every two weeks or so. The previous edition was posted here.  
Best DSC Forum Questions – Part 6

Multinomial Logistic Regression Predicting Cluster Membership 
What is the best way to convert probability of default into a risk score ranging from 0-1000 ? 
Getting an Error in RStudio, while loading ‘tm’ Package 
Cut off point in logistic regression 
WOE v/s using continuous variables as such 
Migrating an Excel Spreadsheet to MySQL and to Spark 2.0.1 (Part 1) 
Two very cool maps: how were their produced? 
Clustering with non numeric data 
outlier detection using cluster analysis 
Best way to change careers and get into Data Science 
3-D Visualizations with rotating charts, for small and big data 
Analytics in retail industry 
How do I forecast a timeseries of data using GARCH(1,1)? 
Regression Trees – What is the best reference? 
Pitt Unlocks 125 Years of Public Health Data to Help Fight Contagious Diseases 
Facebook Shares Large Data Sets to Help Improve its AI and Data Science Algorithms 
Interesting Math Brain Teaser 
Simple Javascript code to display and rotate ads on a website 
what is a better way to spare parts forecasting 

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