Weekly Digest, June 25

Weekly Digest, June 25

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.
Featured Resources and Technical Contributions

Multivariate Regression with Neural Networks – Unique, Exact and Generic Models
Using Topological Data Analysis to Understand the Behavior of Convolutional Neural Networks
2018 World Cup Predictions using decision trees 
Simple Solution to Feature Selection Problems 
Gradients support in PyTorch
Design Patterns for Deep Learning Architectures 
Question: Temporal sequence analysis 

Featured Articles

Tomorrow’s Digital Transformation Battles Will Be Fought at the Edge +
The Next Big Thing in Data Science is … Biology 
How Artificial Intelligence Has Influenced E-Commerce – The Customer’s Story
Useful Tips to Begin a Career in Data Science
Will the job outlook for data scientists severely decline after 2020? 
Ubuntu: Not just OS it’s love
The Top 3 Openstack Benefits and Challenges
How to unlock value from Enterprise Asset Analytics ?
Applying Agile IT Methodology to Data Science Projects
Bill Vorhies Retrospective: Part 4 
Driving Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from the C-Suite
Measuring Levels of Alignment
Digital Transformation in Recruitment
Using AI to Write Articles and Research Papers 

Picture of the Week

Source for picture: contribution marked with a +

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