Weekly Digest, August 13

Weekly Digest, August 13

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.
Featured Resources and Technical Contributions

Comparison of the Most Useful Text Processing APIs +
A Comparative Analysis of Top 6 BI and Data Visualization Tools 
Using Uncertainty to Interpret your Model 
Recommendations and User-Profiling from Implicit Feedbacks 
Machine Learning with C++ – Classification with Dlib 
Top 15 Scala Libraries for Data Science 
10 Best Big Data Analytics Courses Online 
How to Stay up-to-date with your AI and ML Knowledge 
A Little Challenge 
Analytic-related domain names for sale 
Top 10 PHP Frameworks for Web Development 
Question: Predictive Analytics Concerns 
Building an expert system for NLP 
A Look at Big Data and Its Certifications 

Featured Articles

50+ Examples of How Blockchains are Taking Over the World +
Why Digital Transformation Is So Dang Hard? 
From Strategy to Implementation – Planning an AI-First Company 
Open Peer-to-Peer Communications to Facilitate Real-time Insights Sharing 
New Directions in Cryptography 
All about Mixed Reality 
22 Differences Between Junior and Senior Data Scientists 
BI strategy beyond Excel 
Benefits Of Being A Data Scientist Professional 
Five Ways Your Business Is At Risk Of Data Loss 
The Know-How of Blockchain Technology 

Picture of the Week

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