Marketing Data Science

DeepMarketing offers data-driven strategies. From market sizing and segmentations analysis, to delivering efficient growth and retention strategies, we leverage the power of big data, data science and marketing research to achieve better outcomes.

Competitive Insights

Understand your competitors, their media spend and their growth-driven activities, their sales engagement methods to deliver marketing and retention campaigns and tactics that give you the competitive edge.

Know your Influencers

Leverage a technique called “Agent-based Modeling” that allows to identify influencers and drive social amplification and referral programs faster and more efficient that others. Use network analysis to build lasting media relationships and drive massive awareness.

Better Digital Marketing

Leverage statistical models in paid advertising for budgeting, targeting and content optimization to deliver industry leading CTR rates and conversions at the lowest cost.

Use tailored content tactics to drive thought leadership while increasing organic traffic and building backlinks for better search rankings and domain authority.