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54% Of Black Friday Purchases Were With Brands Shoppers Had Never Purchased From; 22% of Customers Will Buy Again, according to Bluecore

The Retail Technology Company Reports That 32% of Shoppers Considered Their Purchases Up to Two Weeks in Advance and Nearly a Quarter of First-Time Buyers Will Buy From Retailers Again Within 108 Days
Retailers in apparel, jewelry and beauty saw an increase in average order values of between 5% – 20% this Black Friday, despite offering steep discounts, according to new insights from Bluecore.

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The Marketing Tactics People Love (And Love to Hate) [Exclusive Survey]

Posted by amandamilliganI’ve always considered the most challenging part about digital marketing to be prioritizing.
There are hundreds of tactics available to you, and it can be overwhelming to determine which of them are most appropriate for your marketing goals and your target audience. (And we all know what happens when you try to do too much — you do it all poorly.

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15 Books Every College Student Needs to Read before Graduating

College life is considered a crucial phase of a person’s life. It is the transition period when a student slowly makes his/her way to the professional world. Whatever decisions you make during this period, shapes your future. So, when you are in college, you need to make smarter choices to ensure success.

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