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Industry Call to Define Universal Open Standards for Machine Learning Operations and Governance

Defining open standards is essential for deploying and governing machine learning models at scale for enterprise businesses
Cloudera, the enterprise data cloud company, asks for industry participation in defining universal open standards for machine learning operations (MLOps) and machine learning model governance.

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How Open-Source Product Information Management is Bringing SMBs On a Level Playing Field with Big Tech Firms?

The customer journey is no longer a linear path. The rise of Omnichannel as the defining retail strategy of the early 21st century has replaced the typical funnel-based buyer journey in favor of a multi-layered experience that moves across touchpoints.

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Comment on Team Obama Mastered the Science of Mass Persuasion — And Won by Mason

I think that a general rule of thumb for defining “harm” in this arena has to do with the data collection process. Each of us willfully submits data on a daily basis – we choose to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to a Pandora song, or we decide whether an email is ham or spam. We do so willingly, because we understand that giving this data will improve our user experience as a whole.

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