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RoboMQ Launches a Major Upgrade to Connect iPaaS With Michelangelo Release

Major enhancement to the way workflows are designed on its no-code API integration platform, in addition to the availability of a host of leading ERP, CRM, SaaS, and IoT application connectors
RoboMQ, a leading integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) provider, launched a major upgrade to its no-code platform Connect iPaaS.

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Don’t teach students the hard way first

Imagine you were going to a party in an unfamiliar area, and asked the host for directions to their house. It takes you thirty minutes to get there, on a path that takes you on a long winding road with slow traffic. As the party ends, the host tells you “You can take the highway on your way back, it’ll take you only ten minutes. I just wanted to show you how much easier the highway is.

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Cross-sharing data on

While I mainly host my datasets on my Github repository, I have also cross-shared some datasets on as the platform is integrated with quite a couple of other tools. And also, is more user-friendly for users who might not want to dabble into Github, and allows us to bookmark datasets. In addition, datasets are more easily searchable on Google Dataset Search.

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