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Web Development New York Agency, Huemor, Explains Four Ways to Stimulate Ecommerce Revenue

The internet is ripe with millions of customers and billions of dollars in revenue opportunities. However, the process of making sales and/or increasing sales can be arduous, especially in ecommerce. In the online business world, brands are competing with dozens or hundreds of similarly oriented websites in the ecommerce space.

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Prediction vs Forecasting

In supervised learning, we are often concerned with prediction. However, there is also the concept of forecasting. Here, I will discuss the differences between the two concepts so that we can answer the question why weather forecasting is not called weather prediction.
Predicion and forecasting Prediction is concerned with estimating the outcomes for unseen data.

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Scale out your Pandas DataFrame operations using Dask

In Pandas, one can easily apply operations on all the data using the apply method. However, this method is quite slow and is not useful when scaling up your methods. Is there a way to speed up these operations? And if so, how? Yes, there is! This blog post will explain how you can use […]
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