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4 Ways Marketing and Creative Teams Can Streamline the Review and Approval Process

Marketing is living in a new age of content. We have more channels and formats to fill than ever before. And yet even as our MarTech machines demand more content, some Marketing organizations haven’t updated the process by which the fuel is created.
Previously, I wrote about why and how we should address this by improving the creative briefing process for MarTech Series.

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Hey mouse! This garage isn’t big enough for you and our resident lizard

DEAR JOAN: We’ve had an alligator lizard living in our garage for many years. She wandered in for the crickets and never left. We named her Clementine and have occasionally fed her a banana slice, cut into fourths, a few grapes cut in half and mashed mango.
About a week ago, the pieces of food were gone in seconds, rather than hours.

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